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광대한 예술의 세계를 만나보세요.
예술의 모험! 새로운 것을 시도하고 다양한 도구, 매체 및 프로세스를 사용하여 나만의 걸작을 만들어 보세요! Art Campers의 모험은 다양한 매체를 탐구합니다. 우리는 우리의 영감으로 유명 예술가의 스타일을 볼 것입니다. 이번 주는 그들의 노고를 보여주는 캠핑카 아트쇼로 끝납니다! 프로젝트에는 페인팅, 콜라주, 드로잉, 조각 등이 포함됩니다! 예술 프로젝트 외에도 우리는 자연을 탐험하고 박물관이 매일 제공하는 모든 것을 즐길 것입니다.

이 캠프는 5-8세에 권장됩니다.

모든 캠프 업데이트를 확인하려면 주간 전자 뉴스레터를 구독하십시오.

Art Class


Emma Mitchum.jpg


Hello, my name is Emma and I will be the leader of Color Outside the Lines art camp! I have always had a love and passion for art and am excited to share that with your children at camp this week!


I graduated from James Madison University in 2020 with a Bachelor's Degree in Art History. At JMU I participated in the art club, swim team, and triathlon team. I am from northern Virginia but moved down to Wilmington last summer. My hobbies include art, swimming, and reading. I have lots of experience working with children of all ages. I was an assistant coach for my neighborhood swim team for two summers. I also helped out with the childrens art activities every weekend at a local gallery in Virginia. I have been with the Children’s Museum of Wilmington since September of 2021 and have loved getting to know the museum and staff. I am looking forward to this amazing opportunity to create art, memories, and fun at this year's summer art camp! A fun fact about me is that I lived in Montana last winter and learned to snowboard!

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